Harold GRAY
Nellie Raphael QUENETT

Husband: Harold GRAY
Birth: 15 Jun 1914, Dromara, County Down, Northern Ireland
Immigration: 3 May 1927, Ellis Island, Port of New York, New York
(obituary) 25 Nov 1978, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana     
Cause of Death:  Lung Cancer
Burial: 28 Nov 1978, Calumet Park Cemetery, Merrillville, Lake Co., Indiana     (pic)
Father: Samuel GRAY
Charlotte Ann MCGRADY

Marriage:   3 May 1941, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana

Wife: Nellie Raphael QUENETT
Birth: 2 Jan 1918, Simpson, Saskatchewan, Canada
(obituary) 3 Sep 2000, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana      
Cause of Death:  Breast Cancer Metastasized to Bone
Burial: 9 Sep 2000, Calumet Park Cemetery, Merrillville, Lake Co., Indiana     (pic)
Father: Charles Elwin QUENETT
Alice Catherine "Kate" YOUNKER

1. Barbara Lee GRAY, b: 15 Sep 1942, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana
2. Sharon Lynne GRAY, b: 26 Nov 1944, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana
3. (Twin) Deborah Jean GRAY, b: 12 May 1952, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana
4. (Twin) Kathleen Joyce GRAY, b: 12 May 1952, Gary, Lake Co., Indiana

Harold was enrolled in the Dromara Elementary School on the 1st of  February, 1921.  School  records show his birth date of June 14, 1914 (incorrect) and that he previously attended the Roden Street School in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Records also state that he was of the Presbyterian denomination, from Dromara and that his father was a labourer.  He attended this school until he was 'struck off' as "Gone to USA" on May 14, 1927.

Per the Passage Manifest and Passenger Records of the S.S. Cameronia, Ellis Island Foundation, New York, New York: Harold, along with his mother, Charlotte, his sister Madge, and his brothers, Robert, Samuel, and Kenneth, immigrated to the United States from Ireland in May of 1927.  They departed Londonderry, Northern Ireland on April 24, 1927 and arrived at Ellis Island on May 3, 1927.

Nell was born on her parent's homestead in Simpson, Saskatchewan, Canada in the middle of winter and was very premature.  She only weighed 1 pound and 14 ounces.  She was kept in a shoe box in the warning oven and fed with an eyedropper.  Although delivered by a midwife neighbor, the doctor was summoned and he said she would never live and, if she did, was not developed enough to be able to 'lead a normal life' such as be educated, marry or have children.  She graduated from school with honors, married, had four children and lived to be 82 before she passed away. 

Harold and Nell lived in Hobart, Indiana until 1956.  All four of their daughters were born there.  Harold's job, with the Diversey Corporation, then transferred him to Indianapolis, Indiana where he and Nell remained until their deaths.

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