Clayton Francis "Jerry" QUENETT

Individual: Clayton Francis "Jerry" QUENETT
Birth: 6 Sep 1924, Penzance, Saskatchewan, Canada
(obituary) 15 Jul 1946, (WW II) Toyama Bay, Japan            
Burial: At Sea, National Memorial of the Pacific (Punchbowl), Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Father: Charles Elwin QUENETT
Mother: Alice Catherine "Kate" YOUNKER

Jerry was the last of his brothers and sisters born in Canada.  He was a very young infant when his family moved back to the United States for the last time.  Unlike his brothers and sisters, who were born in Simpson, Saskatchewan, he was born in Penzance, Saskatchewan.

 Saskatchewan, Canada

  Birth Registration




 Clayton Francis Quenett


  6 Dec 1924   

 SEX:    RACE:

  M       W


  Penzance, Saskatchewan


 Charles Elwin Quenett


  Manahga, Minnesota USA






 Alice Catherine Younker


  Summit, South Dakota USA

 MOTHERíS AGE:        



  Mrs. McIntosh, Penzance


 6 Jan 1925


  020566 1924

Jerry never married.  During WWII, Jerry was inducted into the Unites States Naval Reserve from Indiana as a Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class.  He died on board the Submarine USS Bonefish when it sank at Toyama Bay in the Sea of Japan on June 18, 1945 - a month before WWII ended.  He was officially declared dead on July 15, 1946 (one year after being declared missing).  He was awarded the several commendations posthumously.  Because of being lost in the Pacific during WWII, his name appears in the Punch Bowl monument in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Gleaned the official records:
    Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class, Clayton F. Quenett 
    Hometown:  Indiana
    Ship: USS Bonefish (SS-223)
    Service # 8511598
    Awards: Purple Heart, Navy Unit Commendation, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal,
                 Combat Patrol Insignia
    Captain: Commander Lawrence Lott Edge
    Mission: Daylight submerged patrol
    Mission Date: 18-Jun-45
    Location: Toyama Bay, Japan
    Cause: Sunk by depth charge attack
    Crew: of 85 MIA/KIA

The crew of Bonefish were lost approximately on June 18 1945 and were officially declared KIA Jul 15 & 16 1946. In a rendezvous June 18 she requested and received permission to conduct a daylight submerged patrol of Toyama Wan, a bay farther up the Honsh coast. The attack group was to depart the Sea of Japan via La Perouse Strait on the night of 24 June. Bonefish did not make the scheduled pre-transit rendezvous. Still, Tunny waited in vain off Hokkaid for three days. On 30 July, Bonefish was presumed lost.
Japanese records reveal that the 5,488 ton cargo ship Konzan Maru was torpedoed and sunk in Toyama Wan on 19 June and that an ensuing severe counterattack by Japanese escorts, the Okinawa, CD-63, CD-75, CD-158 and CD-207, brought debris and a major oil slick to the water's surface. There can be little doubt that Bonefish was sunk in this action.


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