Lawrence Lee CROUSE
Delmar Gilbert DOYLE


Husband-1:  Lawrence Lee CROUSE
Birth:  26 Apr 1932, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
(obituary) 11 Mar 1966, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas      
Burial:  Mar 1966, Great Bend Cemetery, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
Father:  Abram Leedy CROUSE
Mother:  Neva Viola BROWN 

Marriage-1:    6 Jul 1951, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas    

Husband-2:  Delmar Gilbert DOYLE
Birth:  28 Aug 1930, Sheyenne, Eddy Co., North Dakota          
(obituary) 2 Sep 2004, Houston, Harris Co., Texas             
Father:  Sylvester Gilbert DOYLE
Mother:  Gussie Pearl DEVINE

Marriage-2:    29 Nov 1968, Fort Bend Co., Texas    

Wife:  Donna Lou HOFMASTER
Birth:  28 Apr 1934, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
Death:  7 May 2009, Laurie, Morgan Co., Missouri
Father:  George Charles HOFMASTER
Mother:  Etta Mabel HOPKINS

Children - Marriage-1:
1. Lawrence Lee CROUSE Jr., b: 3 Nov 1954, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
2. Darryl CROUSE, b: 12 Feb 1956, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
3. Cheryl Yvonne CROUSE, b: 9 Apr 1958, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
                                             d: 31 Jan 2011, Houston, Harris Co., Texas
4. Sheila Kay CROUSE
(Rogers), b: 29 Aug 1959, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
5. Donna Marie CROUSE
(Miles), b: 18 Jul 1961, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas
6. Carla Ann CROUSE
(Perryman), b: 2 Sep 1964, Great Bend, Barton Co., Kansas

Children - Marriage-2:
1. Roberta Leigh DOYLE
(Viveney), b: 5 Jan 1969, Houston, Harris Co., Texas
2. Shelley Lynn DOYLE
(Anderson), b: 8 Jan 1971, Houston, Harris Co., Texas
Lawrence was killed by a gunshot wound to the head and Delmar was arrested for murder in the case.  Per the Great Bend Tribune, Thursday, July 14, 1966:
     Charges of First degree murder were filed against an Ellinwood man shortly before noon today in connection with the death of a Great Bend man on or about March 10.
     Charged is Delmar G. Doyle, 107 N. Kennedy, Ellinwood.  Doyle, according to County Attorney Brock McPherson and Sheriff Marion Weese, is charged in the gunshot death of Lawrence Lee Crouse, 33, 1900 Hubbard.
     Crouse, the father of six children, was found dead in his car on an oilfield lease road on the morning of March 12.  He had been reported missing by his wife the day previous.
     The complaint issued today states that “on or about the 10th day of March, 1966, in the County of Barton and State f Kansas, one Delmar G. Doyle did then and there unlawfully, feloniously, willfully, maliciously, deliberately, premeditatedly, on purpose with malice aforethought inflict a mortal wound upon one Lawrence Lee Crouse by then and there shooting the said Lawrence Lee Crouse in the head with a firearm from which said wound the said Lawrence Lee Crouse on or about the 10th day of March, 1966 and the said Delmar G. Doyle did unlawfully, willfully, maliciously, feloniously, deliberately, premeditatedly, on purpose with malice aforethought kill and murder him, the said Lawrence Lee Crouse, in violation of Section 21-401 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated; contrary to the form of the statutes in such cases made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the State of Kansas.”
     Homicide in the case was ruled following an inquest held April 18, called by District Coroner, Drt. Jerome Sayler.  The jury, after hearing evidence in the case, came in with a ruling that “Lawrence Lee Crouse died of a wound to the head from a 22 caliber H and H revolver feloniously fired by a person or persons unknown.”
     The jury, after hearing testimony about the lack of powder burns in Crouse’s head and hands, deliberated only 28 minutes before bringing in the verdict of homicide.
     Doyle, 36, was arrested at 12:20 p.m. today at 1900 Hubbard by Sheriff Weese

On March 15, 1967, Delmar was convicted on Second Degree Murder.  Per the Great Bend Tribune, Tuesday, March 14, 1967:
     Delmar G. Doyle, 36, Ellinwood, today at 1:15 p.m. was found guilty of second degree murder by a jury of seven men and five women.

On March 20, 1967, Delmar's attorney filed a motion for a new trial stating there were six errors in the original trial. On May 8, 1967, the request for a new trial was rejected and Delmar was sentenced to 10 years.  Per the Great Bend Tribune on Monday, May 8, 1967:
     A sentence of 10 years at hard labor at the Kansas State Penitentiary was handed down to Delmar G. Doyle, 36, Ellinwood, today in district court.
     Doyle, standing before District Court Judge Frederick Woleslagel, with his attorney, Russell Schultz, Wichita, quietly heard the sentence handed down........
     Prior to the sentencing, Judge Woleslagel read a journal entry wherein he denied Doyle's motion for a new trial.

On June 8, 1967, the Kansas State Supreme Court set aside the guilty verdict for Delmar and ordered him released.  Per the Great Bend Tribune, Sunday, June 9, 1967:
     TOPEKA -- The Kansas Supreme Court Saturday ordered the discharge of Delmar G. Doyle, 37 year old Ellinwood man from a charge of murder. Doyle was convicted by a Barton County District Court jury of second-degree murder and sentenced to 10 years.
     But the Supreme Court said the State had failed to prove that a crime had even been committed or that Doyle was involved.