Name:   River Jordan

Date Written:  December 2, 1699
Date Filed / Probated: 
March 4, 1700
Date Recorded: 
September 2, 1701
County / State: 
Surry Co., Virginia 

River Jordan, deed of Surry Co., will of; dated Dec. 2, 1699.
To wife Priscilla Jordan, plantation withe all land adjoining & belonging during the time of her natural life and after her decease to my child she is now with and its heirs forever be it male or female; residue of lands to the said child and its forever and my will is that my child bee possessed with land if it bee a daughter that then she be possessed of land when she shall attaine the age of years or bee married and in case of the death of my child before it bee possessed of this land then my wife enjoy sd. land for the terme of her natural life & in case my child doe dye in its minority then after my wife's decease, unto George Jordan eldest sonne of George Jordan my plantation I now live upon with all land adjoining and belonging thereto.  To Arthur Jordan son of George Jordan one neck of land joining to his sd. father land and soe up the swamp to branch called the Spring branch containing the breadth of my land.  To Thomas Jordan son of George Jordan the broken neck of land joyning to Judge Ulledge plantation & the sd. plantation use and service of my mulatto boy names William, desiring that hee bee not appraised unto my wife until my child doe attain age twenty-one years & then to my child, but in case my child doe dye before it doe attain the age of 21 years then sd. boy doe serve my wife the term of her natural life and then my will is that hee bee free.  To William Browne son of William Browne Jr. one heifer of a year olde.  Residue of my estate after my just debts are payd to be equally divided between wife Priscilla and my child that she now with bee it male or female the child to receive its part from its mother (if it bee a son) when it attains the age of 18 years of age or bee married.  In case sd. child should dye before age my wife doe enjoy my childs part and in case wife doe dye first and my child afterwards before it doe attain to the age here alloted to receive its part of my estate then my will is that George Washington bee paid ten shilling out of my childs parte and that the rest bee equally divided between Mary and Elizabeth Jordan daughters of George Jordan
Wife Priscilla Jordan executrix
Witnesses - - Wm. Browne Jr., Grace Barker, Patrick --X--Leshley
Probated 4 March 1700

Inventory and appraisement of Estate of River Jordan, decd. Total 16,345 (lbs Tobac) and 3 negroes L50: Priscilla, relict & executrix of River Jordan.  Appraisers, John Barker and Thos. Blunt.  Recorded 2 September 1701.