Name:   George Jordan

Date Written:  May 28, 1671
Date Filed:
County / State: 
Surry Co., Virginia 

Will of LT.-COL. George Jordan
Attorney General of Virginia in 1670
I recommend my soule to Almighty God, who gave it, beseeching him for the meditation sake of the precious blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world, that he will receive me into his arms of his mercy, and pardoning my manyfold sins, that he will grant me a joyful resurrection and number me amongst his redeemed, and my body to be buried by my wife and children in Major Browne his orchard and that at my burial there may be no drunkenness or gunns but a good and decent funeral to entertain my friends and neighbors and as for what worldly goods it hath pleased God to trust me with, I dispose of, etc.  All debts I owe in Virginia, great and small, to be paid first.  I give unto my two God-daughters, Col. Tom Swan's children, a piece of plate worth three pounds stere.  I give to Sarah Sowerby, George Norwood and George Briggs, alsoe God-children, each a silver spoon, worth ten shillings.  And it is my will that the 15th day of every October there shall be a sermon of mortality preached at my house, it being ye day that my daughter, Fortune Hunt, died and that all the neighborhood have notice of it, that they may come, leaving it to the discretion of my exec. what entertainment he will give and some times when the day shall fall upon Sunday, I desire that the Holy Communion may be given.  And whosoever in time shall enjoy my land in this Co., although it be a thousand generations hence, he in possession shall perform this sermon and prayer; Wherein if he fayle, the land shall fall to the informer; that shall give notice to any Court of justice for his failing, and I do further give unto five such poore people as the vestry shall find most to need it, one barrell of corne in the yeare for seven years after my decease; And to the church a baptisme bason of silver worth three pounds sterling.  After payments of my debts as above, the rest of my personal estate is to be divided into equal parts, and out of one halfe I give unto my Cosse Edward Bayly, six hundred pounds of tob and the rest of that said halfe shall be equally divided into seven parts and shall be paid to these seven people following: Chr. Foster Walter Flood, George Jordan, James Jordan, River Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan and Thomas Flood.

The other halfe of my said personal estate, as alsoe all my land in Virga., I give and bequeath unto my nephew, Thomas Jordan, and to his heirs for ever; he or they performing the above said sermon; and in case of his decease before this will be proved, then all that I have given him, I give to my brother Arthur Jordan, to be equally divided amongst my seven nephews and neece Eliz. Jordan, only a mourning ring to himself; but still the above said sermon be preached yearly by a lawful minister unto the end of the world.  I pray to God Almighty to bless this poore Colony and this County, especially wherein I have now lived about 43 years

Since the making of this, my will, above written, I have given my nephew, Edward Bayly, a seate of land forever, cald the white marsh, and I doe therefore take back the six hundred pounds of tob mentioned in my will above and do give it equally between Christopher Flood and Walter Flood.  I give to Donnall Roome five hundred pounds of tob.  I give unto Katherine Maddison five hundred pounds towards the cure of her legg, if she not be sent out of this parish by the vestry before the cure is affected.

Dated May 28th 1671
Proved in Surry Coury VA Court
Oaths of William Thompson and Lt. Col. William Browne
Thomas Jordan qualified as administrator