Name:   Daniel L. Jennings            

Date Written:  May 25, 1868 (Letter of Administration)
Date Filed: 
May 25, 1868
County / State: 
Stoddard Co., Missouri  (Wills, Book C, Page(s) 67-68) 
State of Missouri
County of Stoddard

To all persons to whom these presents shall come Greeting:
Know ye, That whereas Daniel L. Jennings late of the county of Stoddard died intestate, as it is said, leaving at the time of his death, property in this State which may be lost, destroyed or diminished in value if Speedy Care be not taken of the Same; to the End, therefore, that the Said property may be collected, preserved and disposed of according to law. We do hereby appoint Jane E. Jennings administratrix of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of the said Daniel L. Jennings at the time of his death, with full power and authority to secure and dispose of said property according to law, and collect {word covered} moneys due said deceased, and in general to do and perform all other acts things which are or hereafter may be required of her by law.

In witness whereof, I Adrian B. Owen Clerk of the County Court of Said County, have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the Seal of said court, at office in Bloomfield Mo. the 25th  day of May 1868.

Adrian B. Owen, Clerk