Name:   Moses James Driskell Jr.

Date Written:  23 December 1823
Date Filed / Probated: 
12 June 1827
County / State: 
Worcester County, Maryland  (Book MH, Page 538)

I Give the following unto my 4 children, James Davis Driskill, Rachel Driskill, Walker Driskill and Sarah Driskill, 1 shilling each. Also Sarah gets 1 gold ring. I give to my son, Charles Driskill, after the death of his mother, the plantation where I dwell. To daughter, Phillis Driskill, after the death of her mother, furniture, etc. Also personalty of same type to daughters Lovey and Nancy. To Benjamin Driskill, Nancy Driskill, Phillis Driskill and Lovey Driskill, after the death of their mother, all personal property equally. To wife, Lovey, all real and personal property during lifetime and she to be executor.

Witness: Eben Christopher, Purnell Johnson and Aaron Driskill.