Name:   Elgate Driskell

Date Written:  January 19, 1794
Date Filed: 
May 15, 1794
County / State:
  Worcester County, Maryland (Book JW, 1791-1799, Page 159)

In the of God Amen I Elgate Driskil of the county of Worcester and State of Maryland calling in mind the mortality though present In good health and sound memory thanks be unto God it do make this my last will & Testament the manner an form as following Viz Item and bequeath unto my son Elijah Driskil all my track of land whereon I now live which is known by the name of Kingsale on premises that he helps his brother John to pay for land bought of William McBryde and he is to pay all my just debts the afforesaid lands and tenents him and his lawful begotten heirs of his body for ever - and - him also to my son Elijah my black Colt him and his heirs forever
Item I also give and bequeath unto my son John Driskil one young Sorrel horse to him and his heirs for ever - Item I also give and bequeath unto my Daughter mary Driskill one feather bed and furnitude and one cow and calf and you and Lamb to and her and heirs for ever. Item I also give and bequeath my Daughter Charlotte Driskil one Bed and furniture and a cow and calf and you and lamb to her and her heirs for ever Item I also give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Nomiah Driskil one Bay mare bridle & saddle and bed and furniture and at her disposal for ever Item I also give and bequeath all my children the residue of my Estate not already given away namely Jonathan and Elenor and George and Ruth and Mary and Elgate and John and Elijah and Elisha and Charlotte Driskil to them and their heirs for ever and also for my two sons John and Elijah Driskil to be my Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I remove all other forms....in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this ninteenth day of January in the year of our Lord....seven hundred and ninety four
Elgett Driskell (Seal)
In Presence of James Tracy, Ezekiel Ruke, Aaron Driskell

May the 13th 1794 Then came John and Elijah Driskell the within appointed Executors and made Oath on the holy evangels of God, that the within instrument of writing is the true, and whole Will and Testament of Elgatt Driskill late of Worcester County deceased, that hath come to their hands or possession and that they do not know of any other. Before Levin Handy

Worcester County...the 15th day of May anno dom: 1794
Then came Ezekiel Ruark and Aaron Driskell two of the subscribing witnesses to the within last Will and Testament of Elgett Driskell late of Worcester County deceased and severally made oath on the holy evangels of God that they did see the testator sign and seal this Will......
Before Levin Handy