Name:   Gregory C. DOYEL

Date Written:  Unknown
Date Filed: 
County / State:
  Edmonson Co., Kentucky

WILL:~ In the name of God Amen:
~I, Gregory Doyel of the county of Edmonson, being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank Gd and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such wordly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in the first place. I do make this my last will and testament in manner and form folling that is to say
~1st I give to my wife Martha Doyel the only Negro girl named Siley and my only Negro boy named Jonathan for and during the remainder of her natural life and I also in addition will my wife the following boudary of land it being part of the tract of land I now live on and including both woodland lots and what is known by the name of the cotton and turnip patches and apple and peach orchards and also cribs, barns and gardin and also the nine acres bit of ground betwixt the said orchards and the river from the new standing crop fences above and below said nine acre bit of ground together with the dwelling house, kitchen, and meat house as above stated for and during her natural life and also one horse beast of her own choice and two cows and calves of her own choice and ten head of hogs of her own choice and five head of sheep of her own choice and three feather beds and their furniture and three bed steads and the victoria and cupboard and all the cupboard ware and the clock and table and one skillet and brass kettle and one oven, one cook pot, one iron kettle and one Hymn Book, Ewings Lecture and Confession of Faith and the big Church Bible. the above mentioned items in addition to said Negroes and land for to be for the use and benefit of my wife during her natural life as above stated ~2ndly And be the death of my wife Martha Doyel, I will and bequeath the before named Negro girl Sylvia to my son Samuel Doyel and his kin forever. 3rdly And at the death of my wife Martha Doyel I will and bequeath the before named Negro boy named Jonathan to my son Richard G. Doyel and his kin forever as a part of their legacy and the balance of any property that I have willed to my wife to be dispoaed at her death as I shall hereafter direct. 4thly I will and bequeath to my son Samuel the following boundary of land by said Samuel Doyel relinquishing all the sum or terms of property he has paid me for said land. Boundary is as follow to wit: Beginning at the mouth of the first big spring brance above the mouth of Ugly Creek on the north side of Green River running with said branch to the head of said spring and from thence a straight line line to a little sugar orchard in the first hollow that mouths or leads into Ugly Creek Plantation Valley including said Sugar Orchard thence up said hollow to the head of the same and continuing a straight line up Green River passing a small clearing commonly known by the name of Trotten wheat patch and leaving said wheat patch at least one hundred yards outside of said bounds and continuing said line till it strikes the first hollow to Green River thence down said river with its meanders to the beginning. The said boundary of land I will to my son Samuel as it above stated according to the conditions above stated and also and further more if said boundary of land is lost by any other titles or title than that by which I hold the said land by my own son Samuel is not to have any recourse on my kin for the loss of said land 5thly the balance of my estate both real and penenat lands as well as goods and chattles of what nature or kind soever it may be not herein before particularly disposed of and at the same time not to include the land or boundaries of lands that I have included bond or bonds to any person or persons for a land title or deed of conveyance and such deed or deeds not being made by me at my death and also such other bond or bonds as I may include of any between this and my death and not complied with is not to be sold by my executors but I design and desire for my Executors to make such conveyances according to contrast in as full and complete a manner as though I was still living to act and the balance as in above manner in this the fifth sections of my property I desired to be sold by my Executor or Executors as such credits as they may think advisable or proper by first making sale of as much of my property at a six month credit as will pay my just debts and funeral expense and the balance os such other credits as my executor or executors and all lawfull settlements is made and all lawfull expenses is paid I do will and direct that the money arising from the net proceeds of said property be distributed in the following manner that is to say 7thly My son Samuel Doyel and heirs one childs part of said money in addition to what is above and before allowed to my said son Samuel 8thly I will to my daughter Mary McLain and the heirs of her body one equal childs part of said money after my executor does deduct and detain the money that George McLain owes my son John for a judgment my said son John brought on said George McLain in favor of Gibson Carter, and also for a side saddle my said son John lent to said George McLain; and furthermore I direct that my said executor detain said sums of moneyand to be by my executor paid over to the executor of my son John Doyel for the benefit of my son Johns heirs the balance of siad childs part to go to my daughter Mary and heirs as above stated 9thly I will to my son Richard G Doyel and his heirs one equal childs part of said money in addition to what is above or before allowed to my my said son Richard. 4thly I will to my son John Doyels heirs one equal childs part to be equally divided and paid to said heirs as they come of age of twenty one years old. 11thly I will to by daughter Hannah Garrisons heirs of her body one equal half childs part of said money said one half a share to be equally divided between and betweixt said heirs as they come of age.