Revolutionary War Pension Application
                 Jacob Galusha

State of Connecticut
Pension File: S-43583


SOLDIER'S DECLARATIVE -- dated 6 May 1818, County of Warren, State of New York. Abiram GALUSHA of Johnsburgh, Warren Co, states he is about 55 years of age and was born at New Milford, Conn.

He enlisted Apr 1779 as a private under Captain Hill, in a Conn. Regt. commanded by Col. Swift, in General Huntingdon's Brigade. Served 2 years and was regularly discharged at West Point in Apr 1781. He received a printed discharge which has been lost. He states he has a large family to provide for and is poor. Signed by his mark and witnessed by Kitchel Bishop.

SOLDIER'S DEPOSITION--dated 12 Sep 1820, Abiram GALUSHA states he is a pensioner under the Act of 18 Mar 1818 by which he draws eight dollars per month. His certificate is dated 3 Oct 1818. In pursuance to the Act of Congress of
1 May 1820, he lists his property about as follows: No real property. 2 heifers, 2 sheep, 3 pigs. Miscellaneous furniture, tools, clothing, utensils, etc. Total value $45.62.

He is now 57 years, has a wife aged 56 years. He has a girl about 14 in good health. Five sons and two daughters, all of age, live away and are unable to assist him. He is a farmer by occupation.

DATE OF DEATH--Abiram GALUSHA died 9 Jun 1851, place not stated.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION--This pension file has a reference to the Joseph GREGORY claim, R-4300, rejected. A letter in this file contains the following information:

Joseph GREGORY, born 5 Nov 1762, place not stated. Married 17 Sep 1786, Lanesboro, Berkshire Co, Mass., Sarah (or Sarry) Thorn. She was born 22 Oct 1763, place not stated.
GREGORY moved in Feb or Mar 1788 to NY State where he died 10 Apr 1816, at Bolton, Warren Co. The widow, Sarah GREGORY, married, date not given, _______ Varnum. He died in a few years and she married third, Dec 1828 in Cladwell, Warren Co, NY, Abiram GALUSHA. She separated from him about 15 years later.

On 27 Feb 1846, said Sarah applied for a pension on account of alleged service of her former husband, Joseph GREGORY. Her claim was not allowed as it was revealed in the process of establishing her claim for pension, that she was not then a widow, her husband, Abiram GALUSHA, being still alive, therefore she was not entitled to pension. In 1847 said Abiram GALUSHA was living with his son, Reuben GALUSHA, presumably in Johnsburgh, NY. (Letter from Comm. of Pensions to Mrs. Fern Bean, North Hollywood, Calif. dated Sep 27, 1933).