Husband:  John RUARK
Birth:  Abt 1705, Maryland 
Death:  Sep 1773, Maryland
Father:  James RUARK
Mother:  Elizabeth DAVIS

Marriage:  Abt 1736, Somerset Co., Maryland 

Wife:  Mary DRISKELL
Birth:  7 Aug 1723, Wicomico Co., Maryland 
Father:  Moses James DRISKELL Sr.  
Mother:   Katherine O. ELGATE 

1. Ezekiel RUARK, b: Abt 1737, Somerset Co., Maryland
2. James RUARK, b: Abt 1740, Somerset Co., Maryland
3. John RUARK, b: Abt 1742, Somerset Co., Maryland
4. Leven RUARK, b: Abt 1747, Somerset Co., Maryland
5. Hezekiah ROOK, b: Abt 1750, Somerset Co., Maryland
6. Belitha RUARK, b: Abt 1752, Somerset Co., Maryland
7. Shadrack RUARK, b: Abt 1755, Somerset Co., Maryland
8. Sarah RUARK, b:  Somerset Co., Maryland
9. Sophia RUARK, b: Somerset Co., Maryland
John Ruark was a member of the Colonial Militia before 1750. Others in the group included Peter Owens, whose son married his daughter, a man named Belitha Laws, a name that appears in the family later, and two or three members of the Dennis family, another name that appears later.

Deed records for Worcester Co. show Ruark, John, superseadure, in 1743. John was a witness to the will of Peter Owens in 1756. He is mentioned in the Nelms store accounts as follows: For John Sr., there is the following: 1765 - 31 Jan. 1770 Carried from Ledger C plus interest 2/13/6 and charged ginger, tin pan, molasses, linen, and rum for 3/1/0. Paid in part with pork in 1769, in cash in 1770 and carried a balance of 0/9/10 to Ledger F.