Name:   Edwin Joseph Whitney

From:  The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Date:  Wednesday, June 30, 1909

Edwin J. Whitney Died Yesterday from Overdose of Laudanum.

Mr. Edwin J. Whitney, aged about 51 years, of Delmar, was found dead yesterday afternoon about 1 o'clock in his barn on Route 10, by his father, Mr. Joseph T. Whitney. Mr. Whitney had been in poor health for some time. On Sunday he said he was feeling blue and he had not been himself for several days, his father and children noticing that his actions were strange. Yesterday Mr. J. T. Whitney missed his son and went in search of him, finding his dead body on an old couch in the empty loft of the barn. He had evidently been dead for some time, probably an hour or more. Near him was found an empty laudanum bottle.

Mr. Whitney's wife died about 14 years ago. His father, J. T. Whitney and five children survive him -- Earl Wayne Whitney, Esq, a rising young attorney of Wewoka, Oklahoma, and Truman, Bessie, Jessie and Lula at home. One brother, George B. Whitney who resides on the Stonyfork Road, also survives him.

A sad circumstance in connection with the death of Mr. Whitney is that his son, Earl, arrived home yesterday noon to find his father dead. He had been visiting relatives and friends along the way expecting to enjoy a visit with his father and brothers and sisters here.

The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.