Name:    Richard Stanley Tuthill

From:  The Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, Illinois
Date:  Monday, April 12, 1920

TUTHILL -- Judge Richard S. Tuthill, at his residence, 1310 Lake st., Evanston, Saturday, April 10, 1920.

Funeral Monday at 3:30 p.m. from St. Mark's church, corner of Ridge and Grove st., Evanston.  Burial private at Rosehill Cemetery.  Please omit flowers.

From:  The Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, Illinois
Date:  Monday, April 12, 1920

Delegation of Lawyers for Tuthill Funeral

The Lawyers Association of Illinois has selected the following friends and associates of Judge Richard S. Tuthill to attend his funeral at 3:30 o'clock today at St. Mark's church, at Ridge avenue and Grove street, Evanston:
       John R. Newcomer                   Isaiah T. Greenacre                  Roy D. Keehn
       Daniel P. Trude                         Frank N. Moore                      Sheridan E. Fray
       John Stelk                                 Harry B. Miller                        Charles S. Thornton
      Wells M. Cook                          McKenzie Cieland                   John A. Swanson
       Edward J. Brundage                  John H. Lyle                            Capt. Edward Maher
       James F. Bishop                        Fred R. DeYoung                    John J. Rooney
      Willett H. Cornwell                    William M. Gemmill                  Harry W. Standidge
      Guy Guernsey                            Irwin R. Hazen                         Charles F. McKinley
      Henry R. Rathbone                    Edmund K. Jarecki                   Elmer D. Brothers
      Charles H. Havard                     John K. Prindville