Name:   Arthur Sanders Torrey

From:  The North Adams Transcript, North Adams, Massachusetts
Date:  Saturday, January 13, 1934

Arthur S. Torrey, 52, Inhales Illuminating Gas

Arthur Sanders Torrey, 52, who had been unemployed for some time, committed suicide by inhaling illuminating gas early this morning at the home of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Torrey of 26 Front street, Williamstown.  The body was found in the gas filled kitchen of the home at 7:30 o'clock by a brother, J. Franklin Torrey, formerly of North Adams, who with another brother, Cleon R. Torrey, lived in the same house.

Evidently Mr. Torrey had gone to the kitchen during the night, drawn a rocking chair up to the gas range and turned on the gas.  His body was found resting in the chair directly in front of the range.  Three of the gas jets were open.  It is believed that despondency caused him to take his life.

Dr. William A. Nelson of Williamstown, who was the first physician to arrive at the house, found that Mr. Torrey had been dead for at least a few hours.  Later, Dr. James W. Butice of this city, the medical examiner, viewed the body, and permitted its removal by George M. Hopkins, Williamstown undertaker.  Chief of Police George A. Royal was also called to the house.

Mr. Torrey was born in Williamstown, the son of  Elizabeth S. Torrey and the late John A. Torrey and had passed virtually all of his life in that community.  Besides his mother and two brothers, J. Franklin and Cleon R. Torrey, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mabel Bridges Torrey, daughter of Charles E. Bridges of North Hoosac road, Williamstown.  Arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.