Name:   Percy Loraine Galutia

From:  Unknown, Canisteo, New York
Date:  Monday, June 4, 1928


Percy Galutia Dies in Hospital From Injuries Received

Percy Galutia, 32 years old, a former resident of Canisteo and a veteran of the World War, died late Saturday afternoon in Bethesda Hospital of injuries received a short time before when attacked by a bull on the O. M. Whiting farm on the Jasper road where he worked.  His chest was crushed in and he lived for about two hours after being injured.

Mr. Galutia was very well-known in Canisteo where he had lived for some time prior to moving on to the farm.  He had had no trouble with the bull before and consequently was unprepared for the attack when he went into the field with a basin of grain in an effort to entice the animal into the barn.  Either Mr. Galutia slipped and fell as the animal approached or was knocked down by the bull which apparently butted him repeatedly in the chest with his head.  The fact the animal had been dehorned saved Mr. Galutia from being badly gored. 

Mrs. Galutia was first to reach the spot and, with a pitchfork, she drove the animal away.  Later he was placed in the barn.  Mr. Galutia was removed to the office of Dr. Russell Ferguson in Canisteo and from there was taken in the hospital where he died about 5 o'clock.  The body was removed to Williams Undertaking Parlors and from there it will be taken to the home of a brother, Harry Galutia, who resides near South Canisteo.

The unfortunate young man was born in Eldred, Pa. but had lived in this part of the country most of his life.  He is survived by his widow and two small children, Lyle and Gertrude; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Irving Galutia who reside at Steuben Sanitarium in Hornell and who were planning on a short vacation trip to start Saturday; five brothers, Leo Galutia of Shongo, Marion Galutia of Canisteo, Ellsworth Galutia of Dearborn, Mich., Harold Galutia of south Canisteo, and Ralph Galutia of Clyde. 

He was a veteran of the World War having served in the United States Marines during the fighting in Belleau Woods.  He had served occasionally in the capacity of supply minister for Methodist pulpits and had preached in nearby places.  He studied at various training schools, especially at Silver Lake.  He one time had a pastorate at Little Marsh but when he entered the New York School of Agriculture at Alfred, he gave up the ministry.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the home of the brother, Harold Galutia, near South Canisteo.  The Rev. Mr. Fuller, pastor at South Canisteo, will officiate and burial will take place in Woodlawn cemetery in Canisteo.