Name:   William H. Galusha Jr.

From:  The Amsterdam Recorder, Amsterdam, New York
Date:  Monday, December 4, 1893

William Galusha's Fate His Body Not Yet Recovered Drowned in the Mohawk Last Friday All efforts to find the body of William Galusha, the young man who was drowned near Akin on Friday, have proved unsuccessful. The exact whereabouts of the drowning is unknown. It seems that Galusha accompanied by his brother and another companion, came down from Manny's Corners, where they reside, on Friday afternoon and going to Akin procured boats in which they went out after willows. William was nearly a mile below his brother and other companion and when these two came down the river they discovered the other boat, partially filled with water on a rock in the stream. A search for William was made and continued all day Saturday and up to this writing no trace of him had been found. The unfortunate young man was 23 years old and was engaged in the occupation of a farmer near Manny's Corners. About two months ago he was married to Miss Theresa Wiley, the daughter of Jonas Wiley, of Cranes Hollow, and his widow is nearly distracted over her husband's untimely end. The attempt to use dynamite yesterday to float the body was unsuccessful, and much trouble was caused by the ice along the banks of the river. It is reported that Mr. Galusha's was seen to float through Cranesville on Saturday, and that a bunch of willows was also found opposite that place. At a late hour this afternoon Coroner Johnson had not yet been notified of the finding of the body, and a telephone message from Akin's elicited no new information in the matter.

From:  The Amsterdam Recorder, Amsterdam, New York
Date:  Monday, March 12, 1894

Galusha's Body Found - It was discovered today in the Mohawk River Near the carpet Mill of Shuttleworth Brothers in this City. The unfortunate young man was drowned at Akin December 1. The body of William Galusha Jr., of Manney's Corners, who was drowned in the Mohawk river at Akin Friday, December 1, last, was found this morning in the rear of the carpet mill of Shuttleworth Bros. In the west end of this city. When the accident occurred, Galusha, together with a brother and another companion, were gathering willows in the river near Akin. William was in a boat alone, while the others were farther up the stream. Returning they found the boat empty and fast on a rock in the stream. It is supposed that he was drowned about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and for several days the search for his body was continued, but no trace of it could be found. This morning shortly after 10 o'clock John Henry Seaman, of 140 Forbes street was fishing in the river when he noticed something protruding from the mud near the back in the river of one of the corners of the Shuttleworth mill. Upon investigation the object proved to be the feet of a human being. Chief Kline and Coroner Johnson were at once notified and they ordered the body which, with the exception of the feet was entirely imbedded in the mud and ice, removed. Undertaker Lutton was called and the remains were exhumed and removed to the morgue. It was thought that they were those of Galusha and his relatives were at once notified. William E. Clapper, who resides on the Degaff farm just east of the city, and who is brother-in-law of Galusha, called, and viewed the body this afternoon and immediately identified it by means of the clothing. The body was in a bad state of decomposition, but was recognized as that of the unfortunate young man. Galusha was twenty three years old. He was the son of William Galusha Sr., of Manny's Corners, and besides his father, he left several brothers and sisters and a wife, who was Miss Theresa Wiley, daughter of Jonas Wiley of Cranes Hollow. The couple were married married months before the sad accident occurred. Mrs. John Laden, of Spring Street is one of the sisters. A reward was offered for the recovery of the body shortly after the drowning, and to this Mr. Seaman would seem to be entitled.