Name:   Elon A. Galusha

From:  The Daily Union & Advertiser, Rochester, New York
Date:  Thursday, July 27, 1865

Bad Accident -- KILLED BY FALLING FROM A RAILROAD BRIDGE -- Our fellow citizen Elon A. Galusha was killed last night by falling from the Central Railroad Bridge, near the Falls.  He was up town at a late hour on the west side of the river and attempted to cross the Railroad Bridge to go to his residence, 18 Gorham street.  The bridge is not in suitable condition for the crossing of pedestrians at night as the planks are removed at the east end where the piers are being laid.  Mr. G. doubtless fell through by accident.

At an early hour this morning his body was found lying in the water below.  There was a wound upon the head sufficient to produce insensibility, if not death, and there was water sufficient to drown a person who was powerless to rise.  The gold watch and effects of Mr. G. were found upon him precluding the idea that he might have been assaulted.

The body was at once taken to the Deadhouse near by and Coroner Treat held an inquest.

Mr. Galusha was about forty-five years of age, a son of Norman [sic] Galusha, an old resident of Rochester.  Deceased had spent a number of years at sea but had for some time past been actively engaged in the prosecution of the stove trade, tin and sheet iron works on Main street.  He had a fine homestead and a nice family -- a wife and three small children, who have lost by his calamity a kind friend and protector.