Name:    Byron Joseph Galusha

From:  Unknown, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Date:  April 1911


Former Kent Street Rooming House Proprietor Ends Life in Asylum

Snaky Joe Galusha is no more.  Judge Jewell has received from the Kalamazoo asylum word announcing the death of Joe, which occurred April 11.  Particulars concerning the cause of death were not conveyed to the court.  Galusha was a character about town and was commonly known as Snaky Joe.  He was one of the regulars at Police court.  Before he was sent to the asylum he was very ill for a time at the jail.  At the time proceedings were initiated in Probate court to have a guardian appointed, it was stated that his estate consisted of $300 in personal property.

Galusha for a time conducted a rooming house on Kent street and it was of such a character to attract the attention of the board of health.  The officers closed the place, pulled the bedding and some of the other furnishings from the rooms and burned them.