Name:   Charles Welbourn Dearlove

From:  The Prattsburg Advertiser, Prattsburg, New York
Date:  January 31, 1930

A very picturesque figure has been removed from Prattsburg in the passing of C. Welbourne Dearlove, whose death occurred on the morning of Thursday, Jan. 23. A fall on the floor as he was passing from his bedroom to the living room precipitated his final illness.

Mr. Dearlove was born in Italy, Yates County, September 20, 1846, and has lived in this section most of his lifetime. In 1867 he married Ervia H. Barnes, who died three years ago. Five children were born to them: John L. of Bath; Lena, wife of Lucian Wraight, who died February 4, 1918; Ervia D. Horton, George W., and Grace B. There also survive ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Since the death of his wife, Mr. Dearlove had lost a great deal of that virile and wholesouled interest in the activities of life which hitherto marked his career. While in the closing years of his life he was mainly confined to the house, yet he always maintained a cheery and optimistic attitude toward general affairs, and in conversations with others, loved to crack his jokes, always seeing the humorous side of a situation.

He was well posted in municipal history and was a leading figure for many years in all the activities of the town of Prattsburg and vicinity. In the last two years of his life in particular he thought much about spiritual things, and eagerly asked for prayer when the minister called. It was my privilege to have many a heart to heart talk with Mr. Dearlove, and we are sure that he enjoyed the faith of a Christian and was fully resigned to the will of God.

The funeral services took place on Sunday, January 26th, first at the home of Mr. Dearlove, at 1:30 p. m. and then at 2 p. m. in the Methodist church of Prattsburg. The pastor, Rev. F. G. Andrus, conducted the services using for his scripture the 23rd Psalm and a portion of the 90th Psalm. His text was I Cor. 15:53. He was preceded in his address by Rev. Fargo, pastor of the Baptist church, who quoted from Romans 8: 18-25. Appropriate duets were rendered by Mr. C. Olney and Mrs. Otis Waldo, the selections being "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Asleep in Jesus." Members of the Prattsburg Masonic Lodge, of which Mr. Dearlove was a long-standing member, completed the services in the church with their beautiful Masonic ritual, Dr. Harry Ferguson conducting in a most impressive manner. Mr. Dearlove was Master of the Prattsburg Grange for 18 years, a member of the State and National Grange, a prominent Mason, charter member of the O. E. S., serving as Worthy Patron for 13 years, Right Worthy Grand Lecturer of the O. E. S. for one year, instrumental in starting the first Rural Delivery out of Prattsburg, a staunch Republican and an ardent Prohibitionist.