Name:     James W. Clubb

From:  The Jefferson City Tribune, Jefferson City, Missouri
Date:  Thursday, June 28, 1932  

Wayne County Man Resists Arrest and is Killed

James Clubb, 48, Described as a desperate character, shoots at officers and is slain.

POPLAR BLUFF, MO - June 23 - (AP) James Clubb, 48, was killed by officers while resisting arrest at 4 am today on his farm in Southern Wayne County.

Clubb, described by sheriff Frank C. White of Wayne County, headed the party seeking to arrest Clubb as a "desperate character." He drove his wife and two sons away from the farm two days ago. Members of the family told officers he had become angered when he arrived at home and the noon meal was not prepared.

George Clubb, 20, one of the sons, notified authorities early today that his father had returned to the house. Sheriff White, accompanied by deputy Sheriff C. Barrow of Wayne county and Deputy Sheriff Eli Sliger of Butler County went to the Clubb farm and commanded Clubb to surrender.

Clubb came out of the house with a rifle and began to fire on the officers, who returned the fire. The farmer was killed instantly. The coroner returned back with the verdict that Mr. Clubb was killed by gunshots from the officers while resisting arrest.