Name:   Helen Mar (Rust) Beard

From:  The Steuben Republican, Angola, Indiana
Date:  October, 1911

Helen M. Beard, widow of the late Franklin Beard of Otsego Township, Steuben county Indiana, died at her home in Marion, Indiana Oct. 27, 1911 after an illness of more than a year.

Mrs. Beard was born in Ellicottville, New York, January 24, 1835, her parents having moved there from Hampstead county, Massachusetts.  She was a direct descendant of Henry Rust who came to Boston from England in 1635.  Her grandfather and her great-grandfather Rust were both soldiers in the Revolutionary war.  Mrs. Beard's father died when she was but a child and she, with seven other children, were reared by her widowed mother. 

She qualified herself for teaching and followed that profession for several years until on Apr. 3, 1864, she was married to Franklin Beard and came at once from her home in East Townsend, Ohio to Otsego township, this county, where she lived until after the death of her husband in 1902.  She was the mother of seven children, all but one of whom died in childhood.  Mr. and Mrs. Beard, in addition to the cares of a family of their own made a home for the parents of Mr. Beard and the mother (Hulda Rust) of Mrs. Beard during their declining years.  Mr. Beard's father (Elijah Beard) and Mrs. Beard's mother were buried from this home. 

Mrs. Beard was converted and united with the M. E. church at the age of 12 years and for sixty-five years was a faithful and devoted, though modest, Christian, never claiming the virtue which those who knew her were aware she possessed.  For a number of years, Mr. and Mrs. Beard were the main stays in the building and support of the Otsego North (Brick) church.  Their home was regarded as the home for Methodist preachers, who were always made welcome.  Her life from the cradle to the grave was one of service and devotion to her family, her friends, her church and her God.  Her last thoughts were not for her own comfort but for that of those about her.

Funeral services will be held by her pastor, Rev. J. L. Porter, at her late home, 313 East 6th street, Marion, Indiana on the afternoon of Oct. 14, 1911..