Name:    Hollis Boynton Almond

From:  The Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, Georgia
Date:  Monday, May 22, 1933   

ALMOND -- Mr. H. B. Almond of 2028 Boulevard Dr SE died Sunday morning in a private sanitarium.

He is survived by his mother, Mrs. F. M. Almond; brothers Mr. H V Almond; Mr. H S Almond, sisters Mrs. C F Hooper; Mrs. Flonnie Hester and Ms. Madge Almond. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM at the chapel of A S Turner. interment in Decatur Cemetery.

Additional article concerning Hollis' death:

From:  The Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, Georgia
Date:  Sunday, May 21, 1933   


Two Negroes in an attempt to hold up a filling station at 271 Davis St NW Saturday night shot the operator H B Almond in the abdomen and escaped. Mr. Almond who resides in the rear of the station was admitted to Grady Hospital in critical condition . The bullet entered his left side and penetrated the entire abdominal cavity.

Mrs. Bessie Newsome of 422 Simpson St. who was with Mr. Almond when he was shot told Police the two Negroes came up just as the station was being closed for the night.  One of them knocked on the door and said he wanted to buy a can of kerosene and when the door opened, Flashed a revolver and told Almond to "Stick em up".  Mrs. Newsome screamed and the Negro began firing. She heard three shots, although only one bullet found its mark. Mr. Almond staggered out into the driveway and collapsed said Roy J Gentry of 442 Simpson St and John Watson of 585 Fowler St saw the Negroes flee.

Mrs. Newsome had fainted during the excitement and after being revived was hysterical so that Police were unable to learn whether the Negroes had taken anything. Ten dollars of the days receipts, which was in her possession remained untouched.