Lydia Elizabeth JORDAN

Husband:  William NORWOOD
Birth:  Bef 1623, Leckhampton, Gloucestershire, England 
Death:  6 Jan 1702, Southwark Parish, Surry Co., Virginia     (will)
Father:  Richard NORWOOD
Mother:  Elizabeth STUDART

Marriage:  1660, Surry Co., Virginia 

Wife:  Lydia Elizabeth JORDAN
Birth:  1641, Surry Co., Virginia 
Death:   Aft 1726, Southwark Parish, Surry Co., Virginia
Father:  George JORDAN 
Mother:  Alice MYLES 

1. Edward NORWOOD, b: 1662, Surry Co., Virginia
2. Lydia NORWOOD, b: Abt 1667, Surry Co., Virginia
3. George NORWOOD, b: Abt 1671, Surry Co., Virginia
4. William NORWOOD, b: Abt 1673, Surry Co., Virginia
5. Richard NORWOOD, b: Abt 1679, Surry Co., Virginia
6. Elizabeth NORWOOD, b: Abt 1682, Surry Co., Virginia
7. Sarah NORWOOD, b: Abt 1683, Surry Co., Virginia
8. Mary NORWOOD, b: Abt 1685, Surry Co., Virginia
About the time King George I was beheaded, William Left England and emigrated to Virginia.  Many of his close relatives settled in Virginia, among them were first cousins, the Governor of the Colony, William Berkeley, Henry Norwood, Treasurer of the Colony, and a brother of Henry, Charles Norwood, Clerk of the Colony. 

1) Will - Husband:  Surry County, Virginia Wills - Book 2, Page 301