Deeds & Property Records

Name:   Francis Quenett            

Date Filed:  September 13, 1819
County / State: 
Wayne Co., Pennsylvania 
Source:  Deed Book 5, Pages 44 & 45

This indenture made the thirteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen between Samuel Salter of the City of Philadelphia and state of Pennsylvania yeoman of the one part and Francis Quenett of Wayne County, farmer of the other part witnesseth that the said Samuel Salter for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to him the said Samuel Salter in hand paid by the said Francis Quenett at the time of the execution hereof the receipt whereof is herby acknowledged at granted bargain sold aliened en—off convey assure and confirm unto him the said Francis Quenett and his heirs and assigns forever all that piece of land situate on the waters of the Dyberry Creek in Mount Pleasant Township Wayne County state of Pennsylvania bounded as follows viz, Beginning at a small hemlock corner of lots number three and two in the line of David Becklege land thence north eighty rods to a small maple to corner of lots number three and four thence by the line of number four this day granted to George Daw west one hundred and on and three quarters rod to a stone corner of lots number three four five and six thence south eighty rod to a small hemlock corner of lots number seven two three and six thence east one hundred and one and three quarters rood to the place of beginning containing fifty acres of land being lot number three of the allotment of the said Samuel Salters lands and part of a tract of ___ taken up and ____ by  ____ of a _____ from the land office of the state of Pennsylvania.  ____ the name of John Phillips and which was patented by Thomas ___ ___ ___ of the state of Pennsylvania on the sixth day of June A.D. 1797 to William Armstrong ____ who __ deed dated the 26 day of January A.D. 1798 conveyed the same with other lands as to Anthony __others by who said deed ___  ___26 June 1806 conveyed the same with others to the said Samuel Salter in fee simple as by _____ to the ___ of the office for recording deeds ___ at Bethany in said county will more fully and at ___ together with all and singular the buildings improvements ways waters water courses and under woods rights liberties privileges and immunities hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever into the same belonging or in any wide appertaining and reversion and reversions remainder and ____ ____ and ____ thereof and also all the estate right titles and interest property possession claimant ____ whatsoever both in law and equity of him the said Samuel Salter of into or out of the same to have and to hold said described piece of land hereditaments and all and singular the premises herein before mentioned ___ intended __ ____with the appartenances unto the said Francis Quenett his heirs and alleg___ to the proper use benefit and behoof of him (continues with more legal words, nothing genealogical)….