Husband:  Daniel GALUSHA
Birth: 3 Apr 1688, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts 
Death:  1734, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut 
Father:  Daniel GALUSHA
Mother:  Hannah GOULD

Marriage:  5 Jul 1710, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts 

Wife:  Sarah WARREN
Birth:  14 Dec 1691, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts 
Death:  21 Jun 1726, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut 
Father:  Daniel WARREN 
Mother:   Elizabeth WHITNEY 

1. Daniel GALUSHA, b: 9 May 1711, Weston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
                               d:  Bef 1715, Weston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
2. Dinah GALUSHA, b:  26 Apr 1713, Weston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
3. Daniel GALUSHA, b: 25 Apr 1716, Weston, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
                               d: 10 Jun 1716, Weston, New London Co., Massachusetts
4. Elizabeth GALUSHA, b: 3 Oct 1719, Colchester, New London Co., Connecticut
5. Jacob GALUSHA, b: 9 Mar 1720, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut
6. Jonas GALUSHA, b: 12 Mar 1723, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut
7. Sarah GALUSHA, b: 21 Jun 1726, Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut
Daniel was a soldier in Queen Ann's War.  He and Sarah lived in Weston, Massachusetts where he was a carpenter and a farmer.  He owned considerable land in Weston.  They moved to Colchester, Connecticut between 1717 and 1719.  They later moved to East Lyme, Connecticut, where he conveyed to Col. Brown "8 3/4 acres SW corner bound on 8 Mile River to a large rock on the edge of the stream in NW corner".  Daniel was a grantee of land in 1714, 1716, and twice in 1717.  He was a grantor in 1699, 1713, 1714 and twice in 1717.