Husband:  Joseph FARRIS
Birth:  abt 1725, Brunswick Co., Virginia 
Death:  16 Jun 1815, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
Father:  Henry FARRIS
Mother:  UNKNOWN

Marriage:   Abt 1754, Halifax Co., Virginia

Wife:  Mary UNKNOWN
Birth:   Abt 1734, Halifax Co., Virginia

1. Joseph FARRIS Jr., b: Abt 1755, Halifax Co., Virginia
2. Lucilla "Lucy" FARRIS, b: Abt 1757, Halifax Co., Virginia
3. Luella FARRIS, b: Abt 1759, Halifax Co., Virginia
4. Elizabeth FARRIS, b: Abt 1761, Halifax Co., Virginia
                                  d: Clinton Co., Ohio
5. Mary "Molly" FARRIS, b: Abt 1763, Halifax Co., Virginia
                                         d: 1819, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
6. John FARRIS, b: Abt 1765, Halifax Co., Virginia
                             d: 18 Mar 1820, Virginia
7. Kezia FARRIS, b: Abt 1767, Halifax Co., Virginia
8. William FARRIS, b: 1768, Halifax Co., Virginia
                               d: 1816, Virginia
9. Tabitha FARRIS, b: Abt 1770, Halifax Co., Virginia
10. Joshua FARRIS, b: Abt 1772, Halifax Co., Virginia
11. Meeky FARRIS, b: Abt 1773,  Halifax Co., Virginia
Land transfer documents indicate that Joseph was a Baker, who bought land adjacent to Allen's Creek, a tributary to the Staunton River in Halifax Co., Va. in 1758. His brother James had owned land there for several years prior to that time. Tax, (tithe), documents indicate that Joseph paid tithes, (taxes), in Lunenburg Co., in 1748, 1749 and 1750. In 1752, he was appointed to the office of Constable in Halifax Co. and with his brother James, laid out a road in Halifax Co. in 1754. Polling records show that he voted for election of Burgesses in Halifax Co. in 1764 and 1765. Tax documents indicate that he paid tithes in Pittsylvania Co. in 1767, although still a landowner on Allen's Creek. This might be an indication that the Allen's Creek area was originally part of Halifax Co. but at this time became a part of Pittsylvania Co. when the western part of Halifax Co. became Pittsylvania Co.

Records of the British Mercantile Company, cited in "The Virginia Genealogist", appear to indicate that British Mercantile may have attached the assets of Joseph in 1769 including his home, to satisfy a debt which Joseph claims was fraudulent. This document indicates that Joseph, in 1776, was living at the same place, (on Poll Branch of Allen's Creek), for the past thirty years. (Since 1746?).

In 1775, he was nominated as a Lieutenant in the militia, was commissioned Captain in 1777, and resigned his commission in 1780. Tax documents show him paying tithes to Pittsylvania Co. in 1782 through 1790.  The county census of 1783 lists him with 12 children and 1 slave. It appears that he died sometime before January of 1816 as Jonathan B. Dawson was granted letters of administration for the estate of  Joseph Faris, Deceased. On February 23, 1816, an inventory showed total assets of $87.00, and mentions Tabitha Faris, John Fletcher, Tabitha Henderson, Jonathan B. Dawson and Micky, (Meeky/Meachy?). His eldest daughter, Lucy, who married Johel, (Joel?), inherited 18 acres of the Allen's Creek Land, and sold it, in 1818 to Wm Keatts of Pittsylvania Co. Tax due in 1817, 1818 and 1819 on 79 acres, (balance of Joseph's estate). In 1819, heirs of Molly Faris Beal sold Molly's part of the Allen's Creek land to Wm Keatts, Jr. A 15 acre portion of the Allen's Creek land was inherited by Kezia, daughter of Joseph and wife of John Fletcher. It was sold to John Faris and inherited by his heirs. Wm Keatts claimed to have purchased this land from Joseph, but was not able to prove title to it. This document names of the 8 infant heirs of  John, as James, Nancy, Elizabeth, Jincy, Mary, Sally, Susannah, and Samuel. Some sources show Allen's Creek as a tributary to the Banister River in Lunenburg Co. Some sources give place of death as Brunswick Co., near Richmond, at June 16, 1816, but he apparently died before January of 1816, (Inventory of his estate).